Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Filament Has Arrived!

I have been really busy over the last few months, and really haven't had the time to work on my Prusa let alone post my progress here. I started a few blog posts a while ago, and will be trying to catch you all up to my progress while I begin working on my RepRap again. If I repeat anything in my most recent posts, I appolgoze.


The mail man caught me as I was driving away with the package that contained the filament I bought from UltiMachine about a week ago. I bought 1lb of green PLA and some insulation tape which might come in useful for the hot-end.

I opened the package and found a happy surprise! They included a free sample of their transparent blue PLA!! That was the color I actually wanted when I ordered but they were sold out. Very cool! Thank you UltiMachine! You have won me over as a customer.

The PLA was a lot harder than I imagined and I feel like I could snap it fairly easily, but I guess that makes sense considering how nicely the printed pieces come out. The green is also a great color green.

On a separate note, I ordered some purple ABS on eBay for a total of $20.50 including shipping so I could try out ABS and compare it to PLA. Theres nothing like having a hands on comparison, plus purple is a pretty cool color.

I tested this with what is completed of my Wade's Extruder which does an amazing job of pushing out the filament. The only problem is that I have to loosen the springs quite a bit to get it to fit at all, once it is inserted though there seems to be no slippage when I put a reasonable amount of force against it.

I'm starting to feel pretty good about this! I am still endlessly impressed by how helpful and kind everyone who I have spoken with is or done business with is. It is a pleasure to join the RepRap community.

What color do you think looks the best on your printed parts?