Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Hardware Kit and the Printed Parts Arrived!!!

The hardware kit and the printed parts I discussed in the last post arrived!

The Printed Parts

Well, to be honest these are the first printed parts I have ever seen, so I had no idea what to expect. Seeing these parts made me fairly excited since hopefully soon I will be able to print parts of similar quality! The parts came out great and look really cool.

Printed Parts for the SAE Prusa

Printed Parts for Wade's Extruder (Metric)
I received all of the parts as described, not a single missing, and the quality was almost perfect. There was only one part which was not pristine which was caused by some browned plastic one of the pieces for Wade's Extruder.
Slightly discolored printed part of Wade's Extruder
As I mentioned last post, this was the set of parts I ordered. I have received many emails from the seller answering all of the questions I had. I am very grateful for how helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable he was. I highly recommend buying more parts from him (eBay seller ata0921) if he has auctions on eBay.

The Hardware Kit

Wow, was the hardware kit a bit overwhelming at first. I wanted to make sure all the parts were there so I printed out the list of parts on the website where I bought the kit from, and started checking everything off. Before I continue, I want to also say that I highly recommend ThreadShop if you do not want to spend lots of time on McMaster picking out parts and cutting your own metal rods. In hindsight the kit is a bit expensive for what it is, but it did save me countless hours of research and difficulties, so to me it was worth it. All in all, including shipping the cost was $171.55.  Note: I do not have all of the hardware pictured below. I didn't include the rest of the hardware since the pictures are quite boring (and I forgot to take a picture of them ).

Metal rods needed for the build

Hardware for Wade's Extruder
The guys at ThreadShop were also unbelievably helpful and friendly. It turns out there was one threaded rod missing from what was shipped, and after a few emails and about a week the last rod came in. They were able to also answer any questions I had about the build. Yet again, I can't thank them enough for all their help. They even included two hobbed bolts in case one did not fit right in Wade's Extruder! Thanks!


Now I can start the build!!! Expect more pictures and problems as everything moves forward.

Also, I have started modifying the Gen 6 electronics a bit and re-laying the PCB out in Eagle. More on that too in the future. My goal is to turn the fairly large 4 layer board into a smaller 2 layer board which only what is needed for printing

Comment away! What do you think? Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or hints? If you see any typos, let me know!