Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where am I buying my Parts?

This post will discuss the places where I plan to buy all the parts I need for the SAE Prusa Mendel. Even though a few well known web stores might have some parts cheaper than where I will buy them, I end up saving more in the end because of shipping. Generally speaking there are four subgroups you can separate all the materials into so it is easier to plan your purchases. That being said, I wouldn't recommend ordering until you have a good plan for all of your purchases so you do not need to order from the same store twice, thus paying shipping twice.

These are the subgroups I used:
  1. Printed Parts
  2. Hardware (Vitamins)
  3. Electronics
  4. Hot-End
I am still fearful of building the hot-end as it seems to be the most difficult by far, but I'm confident I can overcome any problems I face (hopefully without wasting too much money!).

The Printed Parts

Since I do not know anyone who can provide me with printed parts at cost, I decided to look on eBay for Prusa SAE parts. For those of you building an SAE Prusa, please make sure that the parts you are getting are not metric as it is easy to mess that up. 

This is the set I decided on ordering (I have no idea if the link will work for you as the auction has ended). The reason I chose this set is because it was reasonably priced at $120.55 including shipping AND there was no post processing required. Once the parts come in I will post pictures and my thoughts on the parts.

These parts were printed on a PP3DP Up! printer at .4mm resolution, and since I have no experience at all with printed parts, all I expect is that the parts work. It is important to also note that even though I am building an SAE Prusa, it seems like you have to use a metric Wade's Extruder (if you decide to use this specific extruder design).

Now that I found the printed parts (and ordered them!) I am locked in and have to finish my printer :-). Next was to find all the hardware I needed.

The Hardware (Vitamins) printed on a PP3DP Up! printer at .4mm resolution

I found previously in my searched the same link that the seller of the printed parts recommended to me. The website is at the following link, Hardware-Kit-Vitamins-for-SAE-Prusa-Mendel-Metric-Wades-1.htm. Once these parts come in I will let you all know how the look (since I ordered them already)! This kit seemed to go perfect with my printed parts and also seemed to have everything I needed except the parts for the hot end. It is important to not forget to get a hobbed bolt for Wade's Extruder unless you can do one yourself, this kit comes with one so I am in luck.

Electronics? Miscellaneous Hardware? Motors?

Well, I think I bought enough for now. I am going to wait to talk about the electronics till a later post since that is really where my specialty lies and it is also where I think I can add some new material to the RepRap project. 

What about the extra hardware I will need for the hot-end and all the other parts for the hot end? I am going to wait on until I have a better understanding of how Wade's Extruder works. I want to wait so I do not end up wasting money on parts, I also want to post here all my experiences so hopefully we all can save a bit of money by not making so many little mistakes. 

The motors? No idea where I will buy those yet. SparkFun looks great but they are currently out of stock. Depending on what happens in the next week I might just order the steppers from another place.


Well, yet another post done, and I hope that someone has found this useful. I know that what I've written about isn't really new and it's all been done countless times before, but this is the buildup to the new things I will be doing with the electronics. I hope you all stay tuned!

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